The Side Room has provided full length mp3's of their currently available songs. You may download and distribute them freely*. Support your favorite artists by BUYING their cd's. As you know, artists can not record and distribute music for free and in turn, we respect those that buy our cd's so we can continue to create new music. This applies to all artists on all labels. The best thing you can do to truly support your favorite artist is to purchase their product. We thank you greatly for your support.

Listen to DEMO tracks from The Side Room's upcoming full length release.

The Side Room - Demos
1  Hola Como Estas mp3
2  Gonna Make My Move Tonight mp3
3  Sun Don't Shine mp3
4  Frenemies mp3

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Listen to from The Side Room's "Cocktail EP" below. To purchase "Cocktail EP", visit the Merchandise page.

The Side Room - Cocktail EP
1  Cocktail mp3
2  Can't Take It Alone mp3
3  Crossing The Line mp3
4  Tonight mp3
5  Drowning In The Shadow of Myself mp3
6  Set It Free mp3
7  Marigolds (Bonus Track)

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*The Side Room reserves the right to suspend the free distribution of their mp3's at any time.