Tanzer - Guitar | Bass
Email: tanzer@thesideroom.com

Tanzer’s brother gave him his first guitar at the age of 15 along with recordings of Black Sabbath, Randy Rhoades, Return to Forever, and Mahavishnu Orchestra. It was at this point his life changed. By the time he reached High school, Tanzer was taking his guitar to school everyday and playing between classes as a means of satisfying his overwhelming interest in music. Feeling his way through melody, he began to write anything that came to mind. Captivated by the vocals of Sting, Trent Reznor, Seal, Maynard James Keenan, among many, an artist was emerging. With unyielding drive and intensity Tanzer honed his craft.

Writer, arranger, producer, singer, guitarist, and lyricist:
Owner, operator, producer, recording engineer, mixing, mastering, film scores, jingles, re-mixes, loops and live sound:
Creator, manager, guitarist:
Guitarist – The Spazmatics and Danger Kitty: www.perfectworldentertainment.com

Kevyn Kelly - Drums
Email: kevyn@thesideroom.com

Kevyn has been a musician in the Las Vegas area for 15 years and has performed in Vegas shows including "The Madhattan Show" at the New York New York Hotel and Casino. He also played in a well-known funk band called Cassiusslade, signed to Pony Records in 1996-1997. Kevyn is always looking for challenges. An example of that are his current bands JuSSoul, No Shelter, and The Reflex. His biggest challenge to date is playing with The Side Room.

"If you think the fundamental elements of playing the groove in The Side Room is easy, you're dead wrong. Playing this music demands skill, precision, and a sense of performing the right thing at the right time. I welcome the challenge."

Aaron Harris - Keys
Email: aaron@thesideroom.com

Aaron was born in Las Vegas and has been studying piano since he was nine. He played keyboards all through high school, at CCSN, and UNLV. Aaron can read, improvise, and play almost any style of music. He can be found playing in Las Vegas at bars, casinos, etc. It's been fun working with Mato and Pryde.

Check out my original band Doja at: www.dojamusic.com

Corky Gainsford - Percussion
Email: corky@thesideroom.com

Corky is currently one of the premier drummers in the Las Vegas community. Since 2001, he has performed as a drummer/percussionist in the Blue Man Group - Live at Luxor production. In 2003, he was picked to play the lead drum kit position in the Blue Man Group “Complex Rock Tour,” which performed in over 100 arenas and amphitheaters across North America. On this tour, he performed on the NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno (3 times) and on Last Call with Carson Daly. This tour was documented on the Platinum-selling DVD titled "The Complex Rock Tour Live," released in November 2003 on Lava Records.

In addition to the Blue Man Group, Corky has played in a number of Las Vegas bands, including Thirsty, Ponder, Red Means Go, All New Episode, Corner Stone. He uses SABIAN cymbals and Vic Firth drumsticks.

Robin Vincent - Backing Vocals
Email: robin@thesideroom.com

"Broadway Robin" makes her living as a singer in various Las Vegas showrooms and lounges (you may recognize her as the short girl from 80's band LoveShack). Originally from southern California, Robin holds a bachelor's degree in musical theatre from CSU Fullerton. Prior to taking up root in sin city, she enjoyed singing and dancing aboard cruise ships in Alaska and the Caribbean, as well as touring Japan and Australia. Robin is honored to help bring the music of Mato and Pryde to life.
Charlene Williams - Backing Vocals
Email: charlene@thesideroom.com

Although a newcomer to the Las Vegas music scene, Charlene Williams is certainly no newcomer to music. Beginning her musical orientation early on with choral training throughout her junior high and high school years, she continued the pursuit of a musical career, singing in several working bands that played throughout Spokane, Washington (her hometown) and the surrounding Washington area. Charlene relocated to Las Vegas in April of 2002 to fill a vocalist position at the infamous Palms casino. She is thrilled to be a part of helping to recreate Mato and Pryde’s music.
Other Players The Side Room has the pleasure of playing with:

Tommy Marth - Sax

DJ Presto One - Turn Tables