The music of The Side Room is a merge of many influences and styles, taking aim at Jazz, Trip-hop, Hip-hop, R&B, Bossa Nova and Rock. Mato’s approach to vocals is smooth, melodic and familiar, yet not recognizable. The music is not easily fit into any one genre and isn’t meant to. In an era in which so many people claim they listen to “everything”, The Side Room addresses that by limiting itself to everything. It’s simply the convergence of many elements and many styles… written with no bounds. It is as we hear it.

Mato Vocals

Mato, the son of a jazzy, Las Vegas lounge guitarist, discovered his voice as a child by way of a local Baptist church. Being the only white kid in the church choir gave him a sense of diversity as well as adversity. Some exposure to a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T didn't hurt either. As Mato moved into his teens, his love for songwriting found influences ranging from Billy Joel to Depeche Mode crucial during his melodic growth. However, nothing had more of an influence than his seven years of choral training and starting his first band in eighth grade.


Pryde Instruments, Production, and Music Composition

Pryde grew up in a musical household. His mother, a devoted Beatles fan, exposed him to their music at a very young age. His earliest memory was scored by the Beatles track, "Fixing A Hole". He was hooked from then on. This is not to underscore his passion for the melodies of Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Billy Joel, Citizen Cope and Supertramp, to name a few. Pryde's father always had a room in the house dedicated to music. As a kid, he would hear music fed through a huge stereo that would rattle the walls of his house. Pryde took up the guitar at age 12 and has been dedicated to the study and creation of music ever since. He is The Side Room's producer and plays or programs almost all the instruments for the band.

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